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Jul 25, 2010 11:00pm EDT
moving to connecticut to work as a firefighter there. >>> a search in afghanistan for two missing u.s. sailors continues. the taliban spoke manslaughter says the sailors drove into -- spokesman says the sailors drove into an area and one was killed in a gunfight and another one captured. they say taliban are offering to exchange the body for jailed insurgents. >>> fidel castro has made a rare thrip outside the country's capital. he visited and laid wrests in honor of fallen rebels. his first trip out of havana in 2006 when health crisis forced him to hand over power to his brother. they say he could be doing it to show he is still part of the decision making process. >>> the rush to judgment about u.s.d.a. official shirley sherrod. was it race or politics? and our struggling economy. what's the administration's plan for growth? those were the two big talkers on the sunday morning talk shows. fox has melanie ulnrich has our political round up. >> reporter: first the video. then the firing and the apologies, shirley sherrod's unfortunate turn in the media's hard glare brought hard accu
Jul 17, 2010 11:00pm EDT
on there for seven years, since we're four months away from the promised end of u.s. combat operations. these guys say it's a great time to move in. >> we want to make sure that we know what we're getting into and if you're careful about it and if you know what you get into, you can be -- it's perfectply safe to conduct real estate in most areas of baghdad. >> they say you don't need to worry about your safety and something you need to watch is government corruption. there areom four countries in the world more corrupt than iraq, but if you can look past that and are still interested, look at the website, >>> the news edge on maryland. the federal government is handing out more than $100 million to the gm plant in white marsh. the plant said it will use the stimulus money to increase production and here's the really good part. add hundreds of jobs. gm plans to produce 80,000 electric vehicles from the plant every year assistanting in 2013. >>> not exactly the world cup. it's soccer's dirty cousin, much dirtier. up next, taking the edge off of the world's soccer championship. >>> a
Jul 18, 2010 11:00pm EDT
into the gulf and u.s. casualties in afghanistan have continued to rise. democrats have tried to sway voters by pointing to the past. >> during the whole eight years of the bush administration we lost over 600,000 private sector jobs. we're now seeing positive job growth. and the good news i noir the american people is our republican colleagues are reminding people every day that they would adopt the same policies they had before. >> reporter: the policies lawmakers are talking about are tax cuts. some conservatives say tax cuts have generated economic growth in the past and expanded the economy. but it's become a contentious argument that has democratic senators calling out their conservative opponents. >> when john kyle says that you don't have to pay for $680 billion of tax cuts, whatsoever, just add it onto the debt but can't even take care of $30 billion to have people who are unemployed in this country get through the emergency of the moment... >> reporter: the push to extend unemployment benefits isn't over yet. the senate is expected to bring that up for a vote again this tuesday. in
Jul 10, 2010 11:00pm EDT
a tourist boat they were on was struck by a barge in the delaware river. the hungarian ambassador to the u.s. and the students' host families also attended the service. mourners dropped wreaths into the river and a pair of doves were released at the end of the ceremony. the students' deaths have been ruled accidental drownings gldz military fighter jets scramble to stop two planes from entering the no-fly zone. they were briefly detained and then let go after determined they were not a threat. it's unclear where the two cessnas were headed. president obama was campaigning for senator harry reid. >>> bp releasing millions more gallons of oil in the gulf of mexico in an attempt to eventually contain it. officials say an old cap on the leak has been removed and robotic submarines will put a tighter dome over the well hopefully by monday. about five million gallons of oil is expected to gush freely into the sea for two days. the new cap is supposed to prevent any oil from spilling into the gulf. >>> fallout from the gulf oil spill may reach the global fashion industry. there's expected to be a s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4